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In conjunction with our sister facility, Chaseside Care Home, we provide expert and professional palliative to end of life Care for our residents.

In addition to the highest attention to personal well being we have full medical support from local Medical Practitioners, Health Care Services, NHS and Social Services to ensure our Residents benefit from the highest levels of support for their Nursing condition.

We arrange medications, treatments and the attendance of professional services as required whilst keeping you informed at all times.

Our staff and management benefit from continuous development and training to ensure our standards are established and continually improve.

The Nursing Care we provide



In addition to providing care and support through our own highly trained staff, we liaise with individuals General Practitioners, Dentists, Opticians and other Health Agencies to arrange appointments, visits and prescriptions for medications.

Hospital and clinic visits are also organised and instigated as required by the resident. We are here to ensure the well being of your loved ones.

Extract of a routine inspection carried out by​
The Quality Care Commission, 25 April 2012

'People spoke positively of the level of care and support provided by staff. One relative told us, “They are very good with him (Husband) they deal with him very well. The care residents’ get is very good. It is not the environment that counts but the care and the care is there.” Another relative told us, “Care wise, especially with the type of client they have, they do very well." This same person went on to describe ways that staff used distraction techniques to diffuse situations and also commented that, “There is a lot of different places for people to move around here and that helps.” When asked, one person living at the home said he felt safe living there and liked the staff. We observed that people appeared comfortable in their surroundings and engaged well with staff. The relatives spoken with all stated that they had no concerns about the care and support provided by the staff team and felt they that people were safe living at the home.'

Our Staff
Continuity of staff members, excellent training and development, teamwork and strong management are essential in ensuring our residents are well cared for and become part of our extended family.

Independent assessment and monitoring of our practices is regularly undertaken by Lancashire County Council

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